My Hopes for the MXM Titan Ruins Match API and Why

All examples that I use in the sections are simply arbitrary examples.  They are not meant to represent how I think certain metagame aspects will play out.

Also, I do understand that some of these are crazy and would take up a lot of space, but I am putting these ideas up here anyways in hopes of potentially sparking anidea on how

  • An indication as to who is the “bottom left” team and who is the “top right” team.
    • This may sound obvious, but given the symmetry of the map, it may be very difficult to determine without some indicator.  This is important given that “top lane” is the opposite lane relative to each team.
  • Picks and bans in order; in matches without bans, still indicate the order of picks, and keep them in shown/hidden order to provide more information
    • I would like to be able to see pick rates along with perhaps information regarding counterpicking.  Perhaps when Kromede is a shown pick she has a 42% win rate, but when she is a hidden pick, she has a 55% win rate.  When Sizuka is picked early, maybe it causes a sharp increase in the number of Death Knight and Ignuma picks (or Death Knight and Ignuma bans).
  • Ability breakdown by hero (in the proper order as well)
  • All master deaths, the time of the death, the location of the the death, and the damage breakdown (preferably by abilities and masters as well, but at the very least by masters and owning players)
    • This one would be useful for parsing information about where a player is most frequently caught out of position, or perhaps where a player likes to stalk.  Maybe Kat the Cat is heavily involved in kills that happen in the first 2 minutes on top lane.  If only the master is indicated, it would be difficult to dissect which Kat the Cat (if there are two) was the one involved in specific kills.
    • I changed this from “kill” to “death” in case a player dies to something that isn’t a player (river king is a frequent killer)
  • All neutral kills (the four jungle camps, river kings, ritualists, the Summoned Guardian, and the two altars), the time of the kill, the damage breakdown (only owning player is necessary in this case to me), who initiated the fight, and who secured it.
    • In the case of most of the camps, the team to kill it gets the reward (what I refer to as “securing it”). The dream scenario here would be for the API to provide enough information so that it could be dissected that Blue Team initiated on the Summoned Guardian, dealt 80% of his life in damage, and were discovered by Red Team, who then wiped them and took the Summoned Guardian.  In the case of the altars, this information could be helpful to determine which players are very good at contesting or stealing altars.
  • Skill level up information (i.e. Took Q at level 1, E at level 2-4, Q at level 5).
    • This one would be useful for showing how a player chose to skill up, and perhaps show where certain players feel that a hero’s “breakpoints” are.
  • Trait information, including re-doing traits
    • This one would be useful for showing if a player has a specific trait build against certain masters or perhaps even a certain trait build up until, say, a big push down mid where the player swaps all traits to be offensive
  • A by-wave creep participation breakdown.
    • This is the one that would consume the largest portion of data, and it is likely too much to actually be implemented.  The idea for this, though, would be something like…
    • 1TR (1st wave, top, red) – B2A3 (Blue team, player 2, first [shown] hero, 3 points), B2B2 (Blue team, player 2, second [hidden] hero, 2 points), B4A1 (Blue team, player 4, first hero, 1 point)
    • In that example, the stuff in the parentheses would not be included, but it shows which blue masters were involved in combat with the red Titanites.  It could potentially just be merged between both teams to be…
    • 1T – B2A3, B2B2, B4A1, R1A4, R2B2
    • That would indicated that the second and fourth players from blue and the first and second players from red participated in the first Titanite wave top.
    • This would allow the parsing of lane information.  Perhaps Lua has a 60% win rate if she goes mid, a 42% bottom, and a 56% top.
  • Titan appearances by time (and whether Kinetic, Ardent, or Helix)
  • Titan Incarnate usage by player and time
  • Destruction of towers by time and damage breakdown