Master X Master Master Idea – Chief Gunner Koakoa

All numbers on here are just meant to be there to give an idea of the range, power, or reusability of a specific skill.  This is not meant to represent finalized numbers.

Chief Gunner Koakoa

Core Design Philosophy:

Chief Gunner Koakoa is designed to be more a fight-controller and a zoner than he is a true damage dealer.  Koakoa’s abilities are very mana intensive, and he is heavy reliant on his passive to restore mana for sustained presence.


Koakoa uses a long-ranged charged weapon that fires an explosive projectile.  The projectile deals more damage the more the weapon is charged.

Ability 1:

Molotov Cocktail

Cast Range: 15 meters
MP Cost: 225
Cooldown: 18 seconds

Throws a Molotov Cocktail at the target location, dealing minor damage on explosion and placing a patch of fire on the ground.  The fire deals constant damage.  The fire starts as a 1 meter radius AOE.  The radius grows by 0.1 meters every quarter second.  Lasts 3 seconds.

Design Insight:

The purpose of this ability is to give Koakoa an option for a sustained team fight ability.  The growth rate may be a bit large, but I was just trying to spitball numbers.

This ability also provides very powerful wave clear and PVE power for stationary (or semi-stationary) targets.

Level Traits:

  1. Increases skill power by 5%
  2. Reduces cooldown by 1 seconds
  3. Applies a 10% snare to individuals within the fire pitch
  4. Increases skill power by 5%
  5. Increases duration by 0.5 seconds
  6. Reduces the delay between growth spurts from 0.25 to 0.2.

Ability 2:

Spike Bomb

Cast Range: 15 meters
MP Cost: 200
Cooldown: 15 seconds

Throws a Spike Bomb at the target location.  0.75 seconds after the bomb lands, it explodes in a + formation.  One of the lines for the bomb travels parallel to Koakoa’s forward vector at the time of casting, and the other line is perpendicular to the same forward vector.

Deals very high damage and applies a 30% snare to all targets that are hit.  A player standing in the center of the + where the lines overlap will take double damage.  Each “line” out of the bomb extends 4 meters from the center.

Design Insight:

A tricky ability to land, Spike Bomb is meant to provide substantial team fight burst and enable follow up.    Its unique targeting style makes it an ability that can be used to cut off corridors and deny space in addition to potentially dealing damage.

An alternative implementation I had considered was to have it pulse 3 times instead of just one, but the snare would be reduced to 10% per hit, stacking up to 3 times.  The damage would be reduced to roughly 35% of its current damage per burst.  The damage would be higher overall, but it would require the individuals to take all 3 hits.

I went with the single blast over the triple blast because Koakoa is already heavily focused around zoning abilities, and having another hard to land ability with high zoning presence might make Koakoa little more than a nuisance.

Level Traits:

  1. Reduces cooldown by 2 seconds
  2. Increases cast range by 1.5 meters
  3. Reduces detonation delay from 0.75 to 0.5 seconds
  4. Increases skill power by 5%
  5. Increases skill power by 10%
  6. Increases the length of the explosion by 1.5 meters and the width by 0.5 meters

Ability 3:

Bomb Party

Range: 20 meters
MP Cost: 250
Cooldown: 14 seconds

Creates a bunch of bombs in a 6 meter radius.  The bomb explosions do not overlap.  Bombs explode after 4 seconds.  If a bomb is destroyed, it does not detonate.

There are three bomb sizes – Small, medium, and large.

Small bombs die after 3 instances of damage.  Medium bombs die after 5 instances of damage.  Large bombs die after 15 instances of damage.

All bombs do the same damage (very high).

Design Insight:

While this ability is easily countered (by simply destroying a small bomb and standing in the gap), it is an ability that will heavily restrict enemy movement on the battlefield, making it a powerful combo ability.

Level Trait Ideas:

  1. Reduces cooldown by 1 second
  2. Increases skill power by 10%
  3. Increase the density of bombs by 10%
  4. Increases skill power by 5%
  5. Increases radius by 1.5 meters
  6. Increase durability of bombs by 100%

Ability 4:


Cast Range: 5 meters
MP Cost: 125
Cooldown: 15 seconds

A short range cone attack that deals low damage and applies a 1.5 second fear to everyone within the cone.

Design Insight:

This gives Koakoa a way to remove control of enemy masters at the expense of damage.  I had considered a 1.5 second blind as well.

Level Trait Ideas:

  1. Increases skill power by 5%
  2. Reduces MP cost by 25
  3. Increase duration of fear by 0.5 seconds
  4. Increases cast range by 1 meter
  5. Reduce cooldown by 1 second
  6. Blank reduces the defense of victims by 10% for Blank’s fear’s duration


Bombs Away!

Cast Range: Global
Ult Cost: 2 bubbles
Cooldown: 45 seconds

Drops a bomb on top of every enemy master on the map.  The bombs are tethered to the master that they were summoned upon.  After a 5 second delay, the bombs all explode, dealing massive damage to any nearby enemies with a small falloff radius.

Design Insight:

The idea for this attack is that it drops the bombs instantly, but the bombs explode after a while to make Koakoa’s ult more of a fight disruption ult than a straight up team fighting ult.

The tethers would have a short delay before moving in the direction that the master moved as well.  This would allow the enemy masters to run from the bombs and outrange them.  The falloff radius is intended to match up with the base move speed of masters while attacking.  In this instance, it does slightly reduced damage to the player if they’re moving away while running.  If you run at full speed, you will outrange the bomb’s explosion radius.

Swapping masters will break the tether, but the bomb will persist.

Level Trait Ideas:

  1. Increases skill power by 10%
  2. Reduces cooldown by 5 seconds
  3. Increases explosion radius by 25%
  4. Increases skill power by 5%
  5. ??? [I suppose another increase skill power would fit here, but it feels generic having that fill out the ult]
  6. While a target is tethered with Bombs Away anywhere on the map, Koakoa’s non-auxiliary abilities have a 75% reduced cooldown.

Level 3 trait – Increases the explosion radius by 25%.
Level 6 trait – While a target is tethered with Bombs Away, Koakoa’s non-auxiliary abilities have a 50% reduced cooldown.



Every fourth weapon attack that deals damage to enemies restores 45 mana to Koakoa.


Rocket Jump 

Koakoa detonates a small bomb to launch himself towards the target location.  Can be used to jump over walls.  While in the air, Koakoa takes 75% reduced damage from all sources.

Project Infinity April 12th, 2017 Patch Notes

Now With Pictures!


  • Inventory name searching is now operational
  • Inventory sorting is now operational
  • Font size for chat bar increased from 10 to 12
  • Looting Widget added
    • Has no functionality in this build

Bug Fixes:

  • Rapidly moving items over and over again followed by using the sort button in the bottom left no longer results in the item duplicating.
  • AI release on death.
  • Dropping a spell onto itself no longer results in the spell being deleted from your spellbook.
  • Players should no longer immediately upon joining a server with multiple living players.
  • Spells no longer persist forever in the game’s memory.
  • Stats are recalculated upon leveling.
  • Right click turning now properly replicates.
  • Characters now turn to face the target they are casting on.
  • Spells can no longer be targeted on dead targets, but there is a persisting issue with AI (see below).

Known Bugs:

  • AI still attempt to target dead characters if they have no other target in range.
  • Overhead widgets don’t appear for targets other than yourself.
  • Equipment menu shows as a cluttered mess for the authority client.
  • If the AI is targeting a flying unit, the AI stutter steps instead of reconsidering the target.
  • After you go from walking to flying and back from flying to walking, you will experience minor rubber banding every time you stop moving.
  • The effect tracker for your target persists even after you change targets.
  • Any character (PC or NPC) dying applies the sepia tone death post process to the authoritative player.
  • Stats aren’t recalculated upon equipping or unequipping items.
  • Class information is shared across all classes.  Classes should level independently.
  • Too many units being spawned simultaneously results in a bottleneck wherein most of the characters fail to possess their pawn and are left in a limbo state.
  • Attempting to use a consumable while a spell is being cast consumes the consumable but does nothing.
  • Cooldowns do not persist after logoff.
  • The trees still have horrible collision models.
  • The camera attaches to the mouse as if right clicking after sending a chat message.