Master X Master – Alpha 3 Feedback

Usability and User Experience Feedback Section:

Lack of Persistent Parties

There is no way to form a group that persists between matches.  After every match, you must re-invite everyone back to the group.

Friends, Recent Players, and Mercenaries

Friends and recent players show different primary masters for friends, which is confusing when you’re trying to pick a friend to be your mercenary.

Hidden CDs on Passives

Any ability that is a triggered passive (such as Death Knight’s passive resurrection) is not shown in the tooltip or on the button itself.  It is displayed as a buff on the player’s bar, but it seems rather unintuitive when all of the other abilities show the CD on the bar AND tooltip.

Latency on Smart Cast

There seems to be a bit of latency on smart casting still.

Double Tap to Cast

I would like to see the option to be able to hit a key (such as Q), bring up the targeting reticle, and then his Q again to cast the spell.  This was a targeting style I loved from GW2.

General Gameplay Feedback:


  • Smart cast seems to still have a delay on it
  • The unlocked camera is difficult to control
  • Can we get tooltips for mousing over stats?

Titan Ruins

  • Vita’s ultimate doesn’t cancel capturing an altar.  I assume it should.
  • Add a visual indicator of some kind for when the player gets a buff from killing a neutral (such as the Ritualists) that way players better understand what it gave them.
  • The side lane Titan Sights are rather low value with the top lane Titan Sight carrying virtually no value beyond denying vision to the enemy and the bottom Titan Sight only being valuable whenever you lose that altar.  See the utility skill change proposals to see how I propose fixing that.
  • Value of master kills should go up based on how big a streak the victim had or perhaps the amount of
  • Of the four utility abilities, the teleport skill and the sprint seem to be of no real value given their CD.  If I had to make changes…
    • Heal remains the same.  This ability is extremely popular already, and it is a massive heal for everyone that it is applied to.
    • Fortification CD slightly reduced.  This is the second most commonly used ability, but it doesn’t seem to be as high impact as the heal in a game.  The heal is effective at any stage of the game.  Fortification is only effective whenever you’re inside your own base and by a building.
    • Sprint CD greatly reduced.  Sprint is virtually never taken because, while it is a decent ability while active, its cooldown makes it terrible by comparison.
    • Teleport CD reduced greatly.  This is the one way I can the side lane Titan Sights being given a lot of value.


  • The game doesn’t communicate what exactly “Attack Score” is.  The forums suggest it is the number of NPCs that were killed.
  • Don’t hide Technique Score even when it is bad.  Let players know what area(s) they can improve in.
  • Can the Battle Log be enabled in PVE, at least for yourself?  I’d like to see a hero damage breakdown.

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