Project Infinity April 12th, 2017 Patch Notes

Now With Pictures!


  • Inventory name searching is now operational
  • Inventory sorting is now operational
  • Font size for chat bar increased from 10 to 12
  • Looting Widget added
    • Has no functionality in this build

Bug Fixes:

  • Rapidly moving items over and over again followed by using the sort button in the bottom left no longer results in the item duplicating.
  • AI release on death.
  • Dropping a spell onto itself no longer results in the spell being deleted from your spellbook.
  • Players should no longer immediately upon joining a server with multiple living players.
  • Spells no longer persist forever in the game’s memory.
  • Stats are recalculated upon leveling.
  • Right click turning now properly replicates.
  • Characters now turn to face the target they are casting on.
  • Spells can no longer be targeted on dead targets, but there is a persisting issue with AI (see below).

Known Bugs:

  • AI still attempt to target dead characters if they have no other target in range.
  • Overhead widgets don’t appear for targets other than yourself.
  • Equipment menu shows as a cluttered mess for the authority client.
  • If the AI is targeting a flying unit, the AI stutter steps instead of reconsidering the target.
  • After you go from walking to flying and back from flying to walking, you will experience minor rubber banding every time you stop moving.
  • The effect tracker for your target persists even after you change targets.
  • Any character (PC or NPC) dying applies the sepia tone death post process to the authoritative player.
  • Stats aren’t recalculated upon equipping or unequipping items.
  • Class information is shared across all classes. ¬†Classes should level independently.
  • Too many units being spawned simultaneously results in a bottleneck wherein most of the characters fail to possess their pawn and are left in a limbo state.
  • Attempting to use a consumable while a spell is being cast consumes the consumable but does nothing.
  • Cooldowns do not persist after logoff.
  • The trees still have horrible collision models.
  • The camera attaches to the mouse as if right clicking after sending a chat message.

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